Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Podcasts are one of the best ways to connect with an audience and we can help make sure that your podcast is high quality and engaging! Our production services include recording, editing, leveling, mixing, and sweetening with music and sound effects (SFX). We can also help with podcast post-production, including transcription services for closed captioning or to create a blog post from your podcast.

Let us help you get your podcast sounding great!


“Jeff is a remarkable sound designer. No matter how I try to screw up the audio with background noise, wrong mic, etc, etc, he makes my podcast sound great…”great” like NPR great–only without the pledge drives. I hesitate to make this recommendation because I don’t want more podcasters to contact him and use up his bandwidth! “

Guy Kawasaki

Create An Amazing Sounding Podcast!

Having a great idea for a podcast is one thing, but being able to execute and edit it properly is another.  We can help!

Shannon Hernandez - The Secret Sauce!

One of my secret ingredients in producing a stellar podcast is Shannon Hernandez. 

Shannon is a 20+ year radio veteran who has worked primarily in the Phoenix, Arizona market–a stay of employment that is unheard of in the radio industry.

He’s had the opportunity to interview some of the big names in the rock industry like Ivan Mood of Five Finger Death Punch, Phil Labonte of All That Remains to Ben Anderson of Nothing More and many more.

Shannon’s biggest passion is helping content creators build podcasts that make a sonic impact for listeners through sound design, branding/imaging and marketing.

He currently holds down a 7-midnight shift for 98 KUPD and helps me out as a production editor for Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast. You can also catch him on his YouTube channel, teaching podcasters the best practices and tips on producing a podcast.

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