Unlock the Power of Repurposing: Master Templates with Descript

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This is your unique opportunity to join our beta program, where you'll be among the first to explore and shape this comprehensive course. Designed for beginners and seasoned editors, Descript 101 offers a series of detailed, progressive modules to master Descript, the cutting-edge audio and video editing tool.

Course Outline

This course guides you from the basics to advanced techniques, enhancing your skills in digital content creation. Whether a beginner or an experienced creator, you'll find valuable insights for creating podcasts, videos, and more. Below is our detailed course outline, designed for clarity and practical application, setting you on the path to Descript repurposing expertise.


Diving into Descript: A Grand Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Descript Introduction
  • Lesson 2: The Descript Opening Interface
  • Lesson 3: Descript Project Interface Guide
  • Lesson 4: Descript Project Interface


Kickstarting Your Descript Journey

  • Lesson 1: Signing up for a Descript account
  • Lesson 2: Uploading media - audio, video, screen recordings
  • Lesson 3: Transcribing content with Descript’s transcription engine


Mastering the Edit: Descript’s Essential Tools

  • Lesson 1: Trimming clips
  • Lesson 2: Rearranging clips
  • Lesson 3: Adding transitions
  • Lesson 4: Adjusting audio levels
  • Lesson 5: Collaboration features for sharing projects


Template Magic: Crafting Your Unique Blueprint

  • Lesson 1: Explanation of templates for repurposing content
  • Lesson 2: Importing edited content into a template
  • Lesson 3: Adding overlays like text, logos, images
  • Lesson 4: Customizing branding with colors, fonts, etc.
  • Lesson 5: Saving and naming templates


Template in Action: Breathe Life into Your Designs

  • Lesson 1: Opening a saved template
  • Lesson 2: Importing new media into the template
  • Lesson 3: Making minor edits to customize per content
  • Lesson 4: Using keyboard shortcuts to streamline workflow


Share Your Vision: From Descript to the World

  • Lesson 1: Exporting edited videos
  • Lesson 2: Creating clips and excerpts from full videos


Bonus Content

  • Current Repurposing Workflow
  • Much, much, more!

What You Get:

  • Be a Pioneer: As part of our beta community, you'll have exclusive access to each module as it's released.
  • Special Pricing: This one-time introductory offer is our way of saying thanks for being an early adopter.
  • Simplified Learning: Designed specifically for beginners, we break down the art and science of creating brilliant Descript templates into bite-sized, easy-to-digest modules.
  • Maximize Repurposing: With effective templates, your content can be transformed and repurposed in myriad ways, amplifying your reach and reducing redundant efforts.
  • Practical Skills: Learn not just the theory but get hands-on practice with real-world examples and exercises.
  • LIVE Trainings and Q&A Sessions

I can't wait for you to join me for this training!

Hey there! It's an incredible feeling to have you on board for this transformative training. I genuinely can't wait for you to dive in and join me on this journey. Trust me when I say this: with the right techniques, repurposing content can be a breeze! Together, we'll harness the immense power of personalized templates, allowing you to streamline your process and achieve remarkable results. If you've ever wanted to multiply your content's impact without multiplying the effort, this is your golden opportunity. Let's make magic together!

-Jeff Sieh